OOAK : Thilo von Sidow

This is the very first doll I have ever finished. His name is Thilo von Sidow and he is a neanderthal man from the 26th century AD. This era is the latest one of the Alician world, after every single plot has settled down.

Thilo von Sidow is a descendant of Bertram and Valentina von Sidow, founders of the very powerful Silver Horde in the late 21st century.

Here he is – he doesn’t come with a lot of history background, because I haven’t imagined it yet, the four previous centuries being a bit of an amount of work to accomplish:

Now let’s talk about technical matters.

First af all, this doll is a BJD made from Plastiroc, a brand of air hardening clay. BJD are really hard to achieve and this one was even harder, as at the time, I hadn’t taken any course at all. The modeling took me ages and I made several mistakes, though I find this character so lovely.

As a result, the doll itself doesn’t stand on its own. Actually, on the picture, it’s standing thanks to a cattle, hidden behind the doll. Its body is also rather asymmetrical, and also is its face (although it’s not plainly visible, but I can assure you that the body of the doll is not perfect at all). The wig is rather enormous too and the jacket is quite outsized.

But I love this doll, because this is my first one, the first I have ever achieved. The hands are really nice and I also find the make up fantastic, it’s not really visible here, but the doll’s body is entirely freckled. The boots are fine – the soles are made of Sculpey polymer clay and otherwise, they are made of hand made felt (by myself). The clothes (other than the jacket) also look nice, I maybe will post another photo if I find the time to do it. Well, the clothes took me ages to achieve ! I sew them by hand with a single needle. Only the blue embroidery is hand made by myself, though, and it’s not sewn, it’s glued – otherwise it would have taken me another couple of ages to sew.

And here, just a close up of Thilo’s face:

You cannot really see it here because his face has some defects, but his eyes are blue. But above all, would I say a bit informally, ain’t he cute?