OOAK : Cracoax le Dragonnax

Here is one of my favourite ones I have made so far : Croacoax le Dragonnax, the most derpy dragon that has ever flown through all the universes – below :

Yes, he looks like an old good dog – but beware! Beware of the great, green dragon!

This beauty is made with grey Sculpey polymer clay around an armature and paint with acrylic colours and gilded with furniture wax. On the close up below, you can see that his eyes are made of glass cabochons and that they’re also adorned with nail microbeads:

The hand jewels are made of Fimo, as the planet is made of, handled by the dragon (gilded with glitter, of course):

And his beautiful majesty awaiting for a garden party!

See you soon with Ermelinda, the dragon huntress witch (no, she does not hunt the derpy dragons, only the vicious ones).