On the slab: Carbon Dioxide and a merman

Hello! This little man is not a British skinhead, he looks so because I haven’t finished making him. If he’s actually British is even quite a question, for he is a cyborg and is thus the property of her Majesty the Queen – I won’t tell who is the Queen nowadays, in the early 22nd century, that’s a surprise for the moment being. But I can tell you she’s fairly old and some tabloids whisper that she might not being human anymore. Those tabloids! What a shame…

Well this guy will have some hair on the skull. He is from the Royal Air Force, as you can guess in looking at his army shoes I have made with Sculpey, Fimo, some iron wire and a bit of knitten linen. The Union Jack he’ll wear on his army suit is also made of Fimo clay and his head and hands are of Sculpey. But look at him:

I love working with Sculpey because its texture is really fine and easy to sculpt and doesn’t get as easily dirty than Prosculpt. Though Prosculpt has definitely the best look when cured.

What is important is that he does not raise his little finger because he’s used to drink tea, think of it twice! He’s a cyborg and therefore does not drink tea. No: actually, he plays Irish whistle and will hold one, thus his hand in this special pose. He’ll also cary a big weapon, something like an automatic gun, I don’t know yet, I have to study the matter a bit. As for he’s actually wearing, maybe a leather beany and a kind of metal reinforced leather gear. Because he’s from the 22nd century, when nothing looks like now, due to huge disasters – yes, it’s an apocalyptical world.

Carbon Dioxide’s eyes are made of air hardening clay (Plastiroc) and painted with green glitter acrylic medium. The pupil is a golden bead. The cornea is UV Hardening resin. Yes, I made them myself and I’m quite proud of the result, because these two eyes are finally symmetrical! Just look at those:

Of course, I will post more when he’s done.

Concerning the merman, he’s certainly from another world – though, you never know, but what I can tell is that he does not come from Aslauga Leifsdottir’s fancy aquarium (I’ll tell you one day who Aslauga Leifsdottir is), or maybe he is a remote grandson of the lady’s monster.

Anyway, all I can tell is that he’s also in a fair progress, but I won’t show you anything for the moment being, because this is a contest organized by Apryl Jensen, an US doll artist. Go and see her work, especially if you love fairies! Her dolls are beautiful. The dead line is August, 20th. And, of course, my merman is already looking fairly monstruous because, yes, I love monsters.

And also: I’ve got plenty of dolls I start but don’t necessarily finish. I post here only the one I am sure to achieve. The ones I don’t post are not worthy – ah, but one or two, they don’t miss much but I have to repair some mistakes I have made with them and I am too lazy to do so. I mean one is covered in dirty paint and it’s a real pain to remove. And of course, the doll underneath is also beautiful, and the make up was just fine, so I’m quite bitter about that one. The other one is a remake of another one I did burn in the oven! No, I didn’t plan to eat her, as a matter of fact, the dolls have to be cooked when made of polymer clay, but no more than 130°C. The doll burnt because I made a mistake, I put the oven thermostat at 230°C. This was particularly sad because she was so beatiful that I already had given her a name, Miranda. The result was, of course, terrible. The remake I’m working, although nice, isn’t, of course, as beatiful as the original one, so, as a result, I’m not that eager to accomplish the job. Well, maybe on,e day!

Well, all of these incidents are not that important, though, because yet I’m already working on better. For example, I’m really eager to show you the merman! His head is already fantastic.