A pair of raw ears

Sculpting ears is a real challenge, even after a couple of years of practice, especially when you model them from a picture . This is why I’ve made these ones. They are not intended to be perfect, for it’s just a model, in order to remember the general shape of human ears. One right one and one left one, and of course they don’t belong to the same individual, obviously. It does not matter at all.

The real cool thing about it is that you can use them as a model for any kind of humanoid ears, from pixies to chimps. Well, there are some differences, of course, but they are really minor ones. And if you want to sculpt a neanderthal or even a homo erectus, basically, their ears are the same shapes than sapiens’.

So, a pair of raw ears (yes, they are currently curing in the oven):

Update! Les oreilles sont cuites :