On the slab: Carbon Dioxide and a merman

Hello! This little man is not a British skinhead, he looks so because I haven’t finished making him. If he’s actually British is even quite a question, for he is a cyborg and is thus the property of her Majesty the Queen – I won’t tell who is the Queen nowadays, in the early 22nd century, that’s a surprise for the moment being. But I can tell you she’s fairly old and some tabloids whisper that she might not being human anymore. Those tabloids! What a shame…

Well this guy will have some hair on the skull. He is from the Royal Air Force, as you can guess in looking at his army shoes I have made with Sculpey, Fimo, some iron wire and a bit of knitten linen. The Union Jack he’ll wear on his army suit is also made of Fimo clay and his head and hands are of Sculpey. But look at him:

I love working with Sculpey because its texture is really fine and easy to sculpt and doesn’t get as easily dirty than Prosculpt. Though Prosculpt has definitely the best look when cured.

What is important is that he does not raise his little finger because he’s used to drink tea, think of it twice! He’s a cyborg and therefore does not drink tea. No: actually, he plays Irish whistle and will hold one, thus his hand in this special pose. He’ll also cary a big weapon, something like an automatic gun, I don’t know yet, I have to study the matter a bit. As for he’s actually wearing, maybe a leather beany and a kind of metal reinforced leather gear. Because he’s from the 22nd century, when nothing looks like now, due to huge disasters – yes, it’s an apocalyptical world.

Carbon Dioxide’s eyes are made of air hardening clay (Plastiroc) and painted with green glitter acrylic medium. The pupil is a golden bead. The cornea is UV Hardening resin. Yes, I made them myself and I’m quite proud of the result, because these two eyes are finally symmetrical! Just look at those:

Of course, I will post more when he’s done.

Concerning the merman, he’s certainly from another world – though, you never know, but what I can tell is that he does not come from Aslauga Leifsdottir’s fancy aquarium (I’ll tell you one day who Aslauga Leifsdottir is), or maybe he is a remote grandson of the lady’s monster.

Anyway, all I can tell is that he’s also in a fair progress, but I won’t show you anything for the moment being, because this is a contest organized by Apryl Jensen, an US doll artist. Go and see her work, especially if you love fairies! Her dolls are beautiful. The dead line is August, 20th. And, of course, my merman is already looking fairly monstruous because, yes, I love monsters.

And also: I’ve got plenty of dolls I start but don’t necessarily finish. I post here only the one I am sure to achieve. The ones I don’t post are not worthy – ah, but one or two, they don’t miss much but I have to repair some mistakes I have made with them and I am too lazy to do so. I mean one is covered in dirty paint and it’s a real pain to remove. And of course, the doll underneath is also beautiful, and the make up was just fine, so I’m quite bitter about that one. The other one is a remake of another one I did burn in the oven! No, I didn’t plan to eat her, as a matter of fact, the dolls have to be cooked when made of polymer clay, but no more than 130°C. The doll burnt because I made a mistake, I put the oven thermostat at 230°C. This was particularly sad because she was so beatiful that I already had given her a name, Miranda. The result was, of course, terrible. The remake I’m working, although nice, isn’t, of course, as beatiful as the original one, so, as a result, I’m not that eager to accomplish the job. Well, maybe on,e day!

Well, all of these incidents are not that important, though, because yet I’m already working on better. For example, I’m really eager to show you the merman! His head is already fantastic.

OOAK : Ida Ermelinda Carvalho da Fonte

Coming next : Ida Ermelinda Carvalho da Fonte, venerable ancient witch and fairless huntress of dragons.

Hello, worlds!

I’ll update this post when the sun shines and allows me to take better pictures.


Yes! The sun is shining brightly today, Monday, June 22nd. Thus, Ida Ermelinda Carvalho da Fonte has gone for a walk in the garden and here is the result:

Here are close ups of her bun, her shawl, made of fine hemp and Lurex wool, her shoe of Fimo and a hand made resin eye:

Here is a gallery of pictures she posed for, because she is such an elegant witch and dragon huntress:

I love that one! She can stand on her own and she has no defect, but a slight shine on her face, due to the use of a tempera varnish (yes, matt tempera varnish looks shiny on polymer clay). The polymer clay is Prosculpt and I’ve followed a tutorial form Apryl Jensen, a doll maker artist, to achieve the doll. The make up is done with water colours and ochre powder.

Plus, this kind of dolls are much easier to achieve than BJD and are pure fun to make. Therefore I’m planning to sculpt a couple of these ones.

OOAK : Cracoax le Dragonnax

Here is one of my favourite ones I have made so far : Croacoax le Dragonnax, the most derpy dragon that has ever flown through all the universes – below :

Yes, he looks like an old good dog – but beware! Beware of the great, green dragon!

This beauty is made with grey Sculpey polymer clay around an armature and paint with acrylic colours and gilded with furniture wax. On the close up below, you can see that his eyes are made of glass cabochons and that they’re also adorned with nail microbeads:

The hand jewels are made of Fimo, as the planet is made of, handled by the dragon (gilded with glitter, of course):

And his beautiful majesty awaiting for a garden party!

See you soon with Ermelinda, the dragon huntress witch (no, she does not hunt the derpy dragons, only the vicious ones).

OOAK : Thilo von Sidow

This is the very first doll I have ever finished. His name is Thilo von Sidow and he is a neanderthal man from the 26th century AD. This era is the latest one of the Alician world, after every single plot has settled down.

Thilo von Sidow is a descendant of Bertram and Valentina von Sidow, founders of the very powerful Silver Horde in the late 21st century.

Here he is – he doesn’t come with a lot of history background, because I haven’t imagined it yet, the four previous centuries being a bit of an amount of work to accomplish:

Now let’s talk about technical matters.

First af all, this doll is a BJD made from Plastiroc, a brand of air hardening clay. BJD are really hard to achieve and this one was even harder, as at the time, I hadn’t taken any course at all. The modeling took me ages and I made several mistakes, though I find this character so lovely.

As a result, the doll itself doesn’t stand on its own. Actually, on the picture, it’s standing thanks to a cattle, hidden behind the doll. Its body is also rather asymmetrical, and also is its face (although it’s not plainly visible, but I can assure you that the body of the doll is not perfect at all). The wig is rather enormous too and the jacket is quite outsized.

But I love this doll, because this is my first one, the first I have ever achieved. The hands are really nice and I also find the make up fantastic, it’s not really visible here, but the doll’s body is entirely freckled. The boots are fine – the soles are made of Sculpey polymer clay and otherwise, they are made of hand made felt (by myself). The clothes (other than the jacket) also look nice, I maybe will post another photo if I find the time to do it. Well, the clothes took me ages to achieve ! I sew them by hand with a single needle. Only the blue embroidery is hand made by myself, though, and it’s not sewn, it’s glued – otherwise it would have taken me another couple of ages to sew.

And here, just a close up of Thilo’s face:

You cannot really see it here because his face has some defects, but his eyes are blue. But above all, would I say a bit informally, ain’t he cute?